Limitless Alternative Medicine Internal Medicine

Wind Your Internal Clock

Internal medicine is the rapid recovery of metabolic processes in order to postpone aging. As we grow older, we age. We wrinkle. We mark. We stretch. We bend. We’ll eventually snap. We get older and older with each passing second. And every tick on that clock is one less amino that can be processed. One more enzyme that won’t catalyze a reaction anymore. Or a chromosome that has become so frayed at the edges, it begins to deteriorate. These gloriously tragic outcomes are what we have to look forward to… or at least we assume we do. But what if the clock could be wound? Parts replaced? Time stopped? 

Stop the clock

While there are many metabolic processes that we still don’t understand today, we can begin to wind the clock one turn at a time. We know of three processes that cause preventable aging:

  1. Glycation
    1. The bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid molecule without enzymatic regulation, such that it has a negative effect DNA
  2. Methylation
    1. The creation of methyl groups within the body in order to facilitate the abnormal regulation of DNA. Inflammation in the body reverses this process by spending methyl groups sometimes leading to diabetes or heart disease
  3. Chronic Inflammation
    1. “When a person has remained in a state of chronic inflammation for an extended period of time, toxic chemicals are released in the body which destroy healthy body tissues. The toxicity from chronic inflammation can result in conditions such as arthritis, dementia, diabetes, imbalance of hormones, thickening of the arteries and more.” – Limitless Alternative Medicine

One Wind at a Time

By properly treating these conditions with internal medicine, we can begin to see something incredible happen. Have you ever seen someone’s face light up when they wake up no longer feeling old? That satisfaction is what keeps us motivated to help. To help those who have lost their vigor gain it back. To make space for new breakthroughs, accomplishments, and achievements in one’s lifetime. We’re closer than ever to seeing 90 year olds on Mt. Everest. Had the science behind these treatments existed in the 1800’s, many of our great thinkers would have had the time, capacity, and mental acuity to push humanity into something more glorious than we can even imagine. Sign up for Limitless Alternative Medicine, and we’ll keep you running one wind at a time.