Limitless Alternative Medicine Signs of Low testosterone

What to do when your snake runs out of venom

Virility. That word means strength, constitution, and power for most males. If that word makes you feel slightly ashamed, you may be showing signs of low testosterone. But what causes low testosterone?

If those sound familiar, we may have some bad news for you. Not to worry though, this is one of the most common male related hormonal imbalances. Just because you’ve lost the venom in your snake doesn’t mean you’re down for the count. Limitless Alternative Medicine has treatments for both testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). 

Putting the venom back in

As many as 2% of men worldwide suffer from TD (testosterone deficiency). But where did it all go? What happened to that hormone? Testosterone is extremely abundant during early to late puberty. You would have noticed that change in mood, weight, and stamina when you were a youngster, and probably forgot about its effects until they were missing from your life. Around age 30, the biological clock begins to slow its ticking, and the body starts to drop in levels of testosterone. This is nature’s way of letting us know we should probably reconsider reproducing. As reproduction later in life can cause serious birth defects due to aged gametes, also known as sperm and eggs. 

Virility is Key

Virility is a key factor in safe and successful reproduction. So when these signs of low testosterone appear, it’s best to take immediate action. Treatments can be available for as little as $25 a week. After a free consultation, Limitless Alternative Medicine will properly evaluate your need for testosterone replacement therapy. If we believe you can be helped without treatment, we can recommend self treatments such as supplements or various levels of exercise. However a true case of TD can’t just be solved with a positive attitude, it needs to be treated. Start by filling out this form, and you’ll be contacted by a Limitless Alternative Medicine representative who will set up your free consultation and decide how we can help you! Don’t let your snake lose it’s venom, get your virility back now.