The Elixir of Life

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The quest for the elixir of life was the ultimate goal of a middle aged man. Not just because he lived in the middle ages, but because he was himself… middle aged. 

The elixir of life, also known as elixir of immortality and sometimes equated with the philosopher’s stone, is a mythical potion that supposedly grants the drinker eternal life and/or eternal youth. This elixir was also said to cure all diseases. Alchemists in various ages and cultures sought the means of formulating the elixir.Medium

“I wish I could reverse aging” – every person over 40. Time is a ferocious and nasty thing. It’s the ultimate killer in this universe. Birds, plants, mice, people, even stars eventually meet their fate at the hands of time. But what if there was a way to slow the clock? Or perhaps even reverse it? Turns out the elixir of life exists inside us, in hormonal form. We just needed time, energy, and science to learn how to access it. With that understanding, we can begin to reverse aging. 

Born to Breed

As vulgar as it sounds, we, like most creatures on this planet, were born to breed and die. We begin our lives with little knowledge or understanding, and are meant to live to the age of maturity. Once we’ve reached that age we become focused on a single goal. Make a bébé. If we cannot make a bébé we’re meant to become food for whatever can. As unfortunate as it is, Mother Nature never intended for us to live so long. But here we are. Living to the ripe age of 100, and hating every single stage of it. HRT and TRT are a sign of comfort. But first let’s look at how nature allows for everlasting life.

Mocked By Medusa

Do you know what the Jellyfish thinks of our old age? He laughs at it. The jellyfish has several stages of life which seemingly allows it to become immortal by simply reverting back to a younger stage in its life cycle. First a “mother” jellyfish releases her gametes to be fertilized. These then become larvae which float around until they find a comfortable place to stick to the seafloor. These weird jellyfish plants are called polyps, and they are the middle stage of the Jellyfish life cycle. Once the polyp is tired of being stuck on the floor it gets up off its ass and becomes a flying polyp called an ephyrae. The ephyrae is just a smaller version of a medusae, what we normally refer to as a modern jellyfish. But what does the dying medusae do? When age cripples it’s tentacles and it no longer possesses enough venom to be dangerous what can it possibly do? It reverses the clock. Using a complex system of hormonal reactions, the jellyfish breaks itself down into a ball of its base cells. This ball of cells sinks to the bottom of the sea, when another miraculous combination of hormones activates the cell ball and it forms another polyp! This starts the cycle over again.

Separating The Men from The Jellyfish

So now we understand the elixir of life doesn’t hide under a rock, in the center of a maze, in the middle of a forgotten land. It lies inside us. Within our hormones. We can’t do what Mr. Jellyfish does because we have important things like brains and blood vessels that keep us from being able to decay into a baby version of ourselves. But we do have TRT and HRT which allow for the process of reverse aging. Through proper hormone replacement therapy we can repair and replace hormones that stop working at age 20-30. Imagine feeling like your 20 year old self again. Pure bliss. If you’d like to experience that or have questions about this unique and incredible process you can sign up for a free consultation with Limitless Alternative Medicine.