When you’re a patient of Limitless, you never get old. Our goal is to keep your hormones in check and create the ultimate life. Not only do we incorporate science into our hormone therapy but we provide nutritional and dietary knowledge and wisdom to achieve the optimal body you’ve always wanted and deserve. Furthermore, Limitless Alternative medicine has the best science based steps to help people with many different types of challenges in their life. We don’t judge, we just help change lives through preventative health care. We have seen patients from all walks of life with all kinds of different health conditions and concerns. So, if you are unsure of where to start, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our experts. Our free consultations can help you make the decision on what service is right for you. Lastly, all consultations are done virtually and can be done from the comfort of your home or office.



Limitless Alternative is built on a promise. Not a promise to change you. Not a promise to alter who you are. But the promise that we will bring out the person you love within yourself. An imbalance in testosterone and other hormones can lead to serious and occasionally fatal side effects including weight gain, fatigue, and many more. No one wants that for their friends or family. Let us help you to feel your best. Sign Up for your Free Consultation Today.

Free Consultation:

Because Limitless Alternative Medicine wants you to be absolutely, 100% satisfied, all of our services start with a free consultation.  Whatever your goals may be, whatever lifestyle shift you’d like to make, LAM has you covered with a custom program designed just for you.  Our trained experts tailor our treatments for men and women respectively and take into account your age, health status, and lifestyle to ensure your specific, individual needs are met.

LAM for Men:

Do you struggle with low testosterone, ED, low energy, building and maintaining muscle, losing weight or all of the above?  In a safe, judgement free zone, our consultants will walk you through everything you need to know to get started.

LAM for Women:

If mood swings, low energy, weight gain, hot flashes, and muted sexual desire are just a few of your troubles, we have the program for you.  We have female consultants on staff, ready to guide you toward the plan that’s right for you.

Body Optimization:

Your body is the vehicle in which you experience the world, and if you’re not satisfied with that vehicle it can vastly affect the quality of your day to day life.  If your current physical status leaves something to be desired, we can help you hone your body into the lean, mean fighting machine it was always meant to be.  With hormone therapy and the right lifestyle changes, you’ll be overflowing with renewed confidence and energy in no time.


Battling the aging process is an uphill battle but Testosterone Replacement Therapy can slow that process down.  40% of men suffer from fatigue, ED, sleeplessness, weight gain, and a slew of other health problems all related to insufficient testosterone levels.  LAM can turn the tides with TRT delivered right to your door and at an affordable rate you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Weight Loss:

Millions of Americans struggle with weight loss.  The odds are already stacked against you as you're forced to navigate deceptive fad diets and unhealthy processed foods.  Living with unhealthy weight can expose you to all kinds of health risks and when you don’t look your best, you don’t feel your best.  Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t have to be a battle.   Your new routine will be prescribed to you by one of our qualified professionals, with your unique physiology in mind. Your weight loss and fitness goals are attainable, and we want to help you get there.

Peptide Therapy:

Peptides are short-chain amino acids with a wide range of uses including skin care, muscle growth, joint recovery, anti-aging, and weight loss. Peptides naturally occur in the body and are found in many animal and plant sources of protein. Our peptide therapy program includes the highest quality peptides designed to improve testosterone production, ED, energy levels, muscle development, joint recovery, growth hormone production, sex drive, hair loss, and more.