Premature Ejaculation


Getting The Most Out Of Getting It Up

Did you know that according to recent research nearly 20%-30% of men have an issue with Premature Ejaculation? 

That’s a staggering number! It’s no wonder that men are feeling less confident in the bedroom and are unsatisfied with their performance. And PE is not something that only crops up as you age. 

As a matter of fact, it’s been shown that PE and Lifelong Premature Ejaculation (L-PE) can exist from the time a mans body becomes sexually active. There is no psychological side to this, no ‘holding back’ in your mind until you’re ready. It’s purely physical. It’s important to be honest with yourself if you have issues with Premature Ejaculation and to ensure you manage it properly. 

What Is PE

The actual definition of Premature Ejaculation varies between different governing bodies. But in your mind, you’ll know if you believe you have it. Not lasting as long as you would like, usually under a minute after penetration. That’s right, on average most issues with PE occur within a minute after intercourse begins. 

This figure was gained after a population study that sought to determine the average length of intercourse for most couples. This study determined that the average length was around 5.4 minutes, or five minutes and twenty four seconds. 

Sixty seconds is not enough time to enjoy intercourse with your partner, or they with you. That’s why getting appropriate treatment for PE is so important. 

PE Is Only Physical

There are many misconceptions about PE that have caused people to think that PE is linked to:

  • Lack Of Mental Preparation
  • Willpower/Self Control
  • Allowing Too Much Enjoyment Of Intercourse

The simple fact of the matter is none of these influence the effects of premature ejaculations. The symptoms of PE are purely physical in nature, meaning there is nothing you are doing wrong in your mind when you’re getting ready for intercourse. It’s purely physical, an imbalance within the body that must be treated.

What To Do About Premature Ejaculation?

If you’re interested in receiving treatment for Premature Ejaculations then you’ll want to head over to our Getting Started page and fill out your form to schedule a consultation with our qualified medical professionals. You don’t have to live with PE for the rest of your life. Get the treatment you deserve and enjoy life as it was meant to be lived.