TRT Shouldn’t Be a Judgment Call 

Testosterone replacement therapy doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and “No judgment TRT” is even easier to handle. Let’s look at an example you were born with only one eye, and your artificial eye looks normal but you have limited depth perception.  You carry on as normal but you’re not able to catch a basketball, walk up and down steps or ride a bike safely with out practice.  You work hard at trying to hide this problem and the fake eye lets you do it, but life is just plain harder and limiting.  That’s a tough situation because there are no options.   This is what it feels like to realize you have low levels of testosterone. You feel like you have something to cover up, something that keeps you from living your full potential. But in this case, there is a solution. 

Walk a Mile in Our Hormones 

How can you tell if you have an unbalanced hormone situation? More specifically, how can you tell if you have low levels of testosterone? The Urology Care Foundation says these symptoms may point to signs of low levels of testosterone. 

  • Depressed Mood
  • Low Energy 
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Loss of Muscle Strength or Bone Density 
  • Higher Body Fat

These symptoms alone do not describe the possible effects of low testosterone, but there are ways to predict if someone is suffering from it. In order to find out for certain, we at Limitless Alternative Medicine recommend a consultation.


In order to fully verify whether or not testosterone replacement therapy is necessary, we need to start with a quick chat. We will ask you about your day-to-day issues, where you struggle, and why you believe you need TRT. Next, you submit a small blood sample for testing.

Testosterone replacement therapy is a serious process and should not be taken lightly. If you find that you fit the description listed above, there could be many causes for such symptoms and TRT should be implemented only if low levels are discovered. 

Leave Judgement at the Door

Finding out you have low levels of testosterone might make you anxious on multiple levels.   You may accept that you feel less like yourself without this crucial hormone but still be hesitant to admit there is an issue. That’s why there is no judgment at Limitless Alternative and we talk about the concept openly.  We aren’t judging, we hope you’ll go easier on yourself.  This is a chemical imbalance and it’s treatable.  We offer a Free consultation to help put your mind at ease. We don’t want you to worry, or feel like you’re less than you should be.  TRT is not always the solution to a problem, but it certainly is a solution for low levels of testosterone. If this article resonates with you, go to and find out for sure for FREE! If you’ve felt low, maybe it’s high time you felt a bit more.