Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Limitless Alternative Medicine Signs Of Low Testosterone

The symptoms of hormonal imbalance and low testosterone can be difficult to see. Think back… Remember when you were 23? How did you feel? Did you wake up and feel your inner machinery whirring at maximum velocity? Now days your body is different. Does not having morning wood anymore mean you have low testosterone? That feeling you knew so well before you felt the ever growing decay of your own biological clock, can still be achieved! What would it feel like to step into the hormones of your younger self? However, the more important question is, how do you feel now?

Do You Feel….

Do you feel, or have you ever noticed, any of the following: 

These are all symptoms of low testosterone. If any of them ring a bell to you then you should call and make an appointment with Limitless Alternative Medicine. Nevertheless, those are not the only symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance. What about this second set of symptoms?

Hopefully these do not sound familiar to you. However if any of them do, it could point to signs of hormonal imbalance. Hormones account for an incredible multitude of biological systems which operate continuously until they don’t… This is why most of us over the age of 40 begin to feel a sense of decay or “slowing down”. The question is still on the table though. What would it feel like to step into the shoes of your younger self? In a phrase, it would feel absolutely blissful. Many people look for quick fixes that actually do nothing. Trying things like using essential oils for low testosterone might even make thing worse.

How Diet Can Affect Testosterone


It’s no secrect that there are foods out there that actually lower your testosterone levels. While this has been proven in a lab, it’s hard to achive significant levels of changes without excessive consunption of some of these foods. With that being said. It would be a bad thing to cut back on the list below if you are already experiencing low testosterone.

  • Soy
  • Mint
  • Licorice Root
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Flaxseed
  • Processed Foods
  • Alcohol
  • Nuts

What Now?

Limitless Alternative Medicine has expertise in testosterone and hormone replacement therapy. If you feel a consistent fatigue, or a low sex drive these methods may be very useful for you. This is why we suggest you consult us if any of the previously mentioned symptoms sound like something you experience on a day-to-day basis. You only get one life (as far as we know) so why would you waste such a large portion of it in misery? These symptoms are not flaws in your person, or in your character. Because, these are a flaw in your biology. Mother Nature ages us out of the game far too soon by our standards. We’d like to reset your biological clock and help you step into the shoes of your younger self. To find out if you’re a good candidate for our program head to Limitless Alternative Medicine today.

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