Hormones Hit Hard


In order to understand signs of hormonal imbalance we have to talk about how your body communicates with itself. There are essentially two methods: 


  1. Direct Communication
    1. Used for moving things, pulling things, pushing things, or opening and closing things
  2. Indirect Communication
    1. Used for large scale change, making alterations across the body, changing the way cells function together as a whole


Now let me ask you this. Which do you think is the more important form of communication? Let’s phrase that better. Which form of communication has the most effect on your body? Obviously number two. Primarily because direct communication almost always involves a neural link. Neurons span every inch of the body and allow for instantaneous action at any specific site needed. For instance when you move your eyes to read this passage, each redirection is a neural movement, not regulated indirectly. For this very reason, direct communication is the most safe, and has the smallest effect on your body as a whole. So what does this all have to do with signs of hormonal imbalance? Hold on, I’m getting there. 

Indirect Communication


So we’ve established that your body can radio its troops and instantly get them to do what is needed. But there is another way of communicating with the entire “army” as it were. And it’s the equivalent of dropping bombs dangerously close to friendly territory. Hormones, the body’s form of indirect communication, are indistinguishable from biological bombs. Some can cause devastating change across the entire body. Menopause, Puberty, Old Age, these are times when our body has an all out nuclear war inside us. Trying to prepare, shut down, start up, modify, multiply, or replicate our cells as a collective. 

Some hormones can actually be quite simple. As small a change as shutting down the secretion of a very specific enzyme across the body, your stomach acid for example when you have little to digest. Or perhaps the feeling of fullness you get when you have a full belly. These hormonal regulations are very minute, but even so the hormone does not travel directly. No it takes a grand tour! 

The Grand Tour!


You’re not always going to be lucky enough to have your journey, as a hormone, start and finish in the pancreas. No, your life as a hormone is much more exciting than that. For instance, if you’re lucky enough to be reincarnated as a testosterone, you’ll be traveling ALL over the body. From the penis, to the muscular system, the skeletal system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and of course… the brain. However what if, for whatever reason, the hormones you allow free reign over your body right this moment were improperly regulated? It would be similar to the concept of mutually assured destruction. Bombs detonating in every direction with no rhyme or reason for dropping. This is what it feels like to have signs of hormonal imbalance. An inner-nuclear war. So let me ask you this. Do any of these signs of hormonal imbalance sound familiar to you? 


  • Decrease in strength and muscle tone 
  • Increase in stored body fat, particularly around the midsection 
  • Loss of energy and increased feeling of lethargy 
  • Loss and depletion of motivation 
  • Brain fog, difficulty focusing and loss of mental clarity 
  • Greater experience of fatigue, feeling tired shortly after starting the day 
  • Interrupted sleep cycles 
  • Depression, increase in mood swings and irritability 
  • Decreased sense of feeling healthy


If so, then do not hesitate! Stop the nuclear war that’s going on inside you right now! Contact Limitless Alternative Medicine for fast and easy treatments.