All You Need to Know: Does TRT Cause Hair Loss?

TRT Hair Loss

True And False: TRT And It’s Link To Hair Loss

You’re interested in TRT treatments then you know that you need a bit of a boost to get your hormone levels. Getting the proper help you deserve is crucial to living a healthy, motivated lifestyle that leaves you satisfied at the end of each day.

But you’ve been hearing rumors that TRT has been causing hair loss in those who under go it. No one wants to lose their hair or have it thin, we want to keep as much on our heads as possible!

Getting to know how TRT can affect your body and if there is any risk of hair loss is important before you begin your first treatment! So lets look at some truths and myths about hormones, hair loss, and TRT.

Truth: Low Hormone Levels Link To Hair Loss

The best place to start is with the facts so you can get the truth about how hormones relate to hair loss. If you want to know if TRT causes hair less, the answer is a bit more complicated than you might expect.

Male pattern baldness comes from a shrinkage in hair follicles. As we grow older these follicles being to grow dormant and shrink as a result ,thus resulting in more thin hair or hair loss as time progresses. 

There are many theories being studied between a drop in hormones in the body resulting in hair loss. This, along with genetic makeup, can cause hair loss in the body.

Myth: Testosterone is Related to Hair Loss

Testosterone is not a single thing in your body, it’s actually a variety of compounds that fall under the category of testosterone, each performing a separate function in the body. 

What really causes hair loss in the body is a byproduct of testosterone called DHT, Dihydrotestosterone. This compound exists in several places of the body, from the prostate, skin, and hair follicles. 

Thus testosterone itself does not cause baldness, by rather an androgen byproduct of testosterone does.

Truth: Testosterone and Baldness are Directly Linked To The Prostate

It’s not something anyone wants to hear, but the hormone that causes most baldness in men is directly linked to the prostate glad. This is due to the production of DHT, which comes from two primary sources. 

The first of this comes from the production of a hormone known as DHEA. This hormone is more common in women and is used in anti-aging and sex drive supplements. 

In men, this mostly comes from the transformation of testosterone through enzyme 5-alpha, which turns DHEA in men into DHT, which affects hair growth on the skin and head. 

How DHT Connects To Baldness

Only a small amount of testosterone ever gets converted into DHT in the male body. DHT is responsible for things such as having a deeper voice and and the production of body hair on men. However, later in life it becomes responsible for hair loss as it shrinks hair follicles.

It’s a bit of an odd contradiction that the same compound that helps a man feel more like a man, with deeper voice and body hair, would be responsible for hair loss. Scientists are still working on why DHT causes hair loss on the head when it’s so responsible for hair growth everywhere else.

Does TRT Cause Hair Loss?

The simple answer is: No. 

Testosterone itself does not cause hair loss in men. Nor does TRT treatments for that matter. What does cause it is a natural process that transfers a small amount of testosterone into DHT, which is held responsible for hair loss later in life. It’s why many hair loss supplements carry DHT blockers.

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