What is the Cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?


Whether you have been advised testosterone replacement treatment (TRT) for low T levels by a medical professional or you are wanting to seek it for better aging and healthy life. In either case, men in such positions frequently have the following inquiries: Will it function?

Does it hurt to self-inject (and to your satisfaction most guys say it is simpler than they imagined), and, of course, the cost of testosterone replacement therapy which is the most important thing to consider. And one of the major factors influencing the cost of your testosterone therapy is based on the type of therapy you are getting. Therefore, below we have explained the different types of testosterone replacement therapy in detail.

Types of testosterone treatments with costs

Following are the 5 types of TRT therapies provided with how much they cost.


1. Topical (transdermal):

Topical patches adhere to the skin and remain there for 24 hours before the subsequent dose. They usually come in dosages ranging from 2 mg to 5 mg. The recommended daily dosage for topical gels ranges from 40 mg to 100 mg depending on the product however, it is advised to start with the lowest dosage and should gradually increase if needed.


  • The cost of testosterone cream, a transdermal form of TRT that you apply to certain body parts (often the scrotum), can approximately be $500 per month.


  • Topical patches may prove to be less liver-toxic than oral drugs.


  • One of the major drawbacks of patches include their unattractive appearance and frequent tendency to irritate the skin.
  • Because the medicine could be harmful to unborn babies and young children, it is crucial to avoid the possibility of spreading it to other people’s skin.


2. Injectable:

Injectable testosterones are of two types one is short-acting, which requires an injection every one to two weeks, and the other is long-acting, which requires the second injection after four weeks following the first and the others are after every ten weeks.

Long-acting testosterone injections are given in the gluteal muscles, while short-acting testosterone injections are given beneath the skin or into the muscle.


  • The average cost of testosterone shots ranges from $40 to $400 per month.


  • It is an affordable and popular type of TRT.


3. Oral Tablets:

An uncommon, more expensive, and less useful form of TRT is oral testosterone. A person usually takes oral testosterone tablets twice a day, with a dosage that normally ranges from 225mg – 396 mg, as prescribed by a doctor.


  • Oral testosterone tablets can approximately cost you $100 to $300 per month.


  • Long-term usage of oral tablets may result in liver damage.
  • The majority of pills also have warnings that the medication may cause hypertension and stroke.


4. Pellets:

Doctors implant tiny plastic pellets called testosterone pellets under the skin typically inserted into the buttock or upper hip.


The starting price of pellets is around $500 to $600 and varies with the dosage.


The pellets can supply TRT for three to six months and disintegrate gradually on their own.


Implant placement is done by a simple inpatient surgical procedure under anesthesia.


5. Buccal Systems:

Patches are typically placed on the inner cheek or at the upper gum line to deliver testosterone through the buccal. The average dose of these patches is 30 mg, which releases testosterone over 12 hours. Each day, two applications should be made, with a 12-hour gap between each application.


Buccal systems can cost you somewhere between $200 to $500 per month.


They may irritate your teeth and gums and give you headaches.

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What type of testosterone replacement therapy is most effective?

You and your doctor decide which therapy is effective for you by considering the following factors:

  • Your body can respond best to which therapy.
  • And which therapy has the least adverse effects on your body.

Why should you avoid getting your TRT illegally?

Because when purchasing testosterone without a prescription, you are unsure of what you will receive. The medication might very likely be tampered with/counterfeit/incorrectly labeled/expired.

Does insurance typically cover TRT?

Do check your insurance policy before planning anything because some insurance providers do not cover TRT.

How safe is testosterone replacement therapy?

Although it is beneficial for those with low testosterone levels, but it has numerous short-term and long-term negative effects.

What are the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy?

  • It improves your sex performance
  • Boost your sperm production and count.
  • There is a rise in prolactin and other hormones that interact with T.