Healing With Sound

It’s not every day you’re faced with a treatment option such as acoustic wave therapy(AWT). Revolutionary barely begins to describe the wondrous effects that acoustic wave therapy can have on the body. From reducing scarring to loosening and promoting muscle regrowth, acoustic wave therapy is growing in popularity and use as a treatment for ailments and outpatient therapy.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy

AWT is also known as extacorporeal shockwave therapy and is often used to treat:

  • Appearance of Cellulite
  • Improve appearance of stretch marks and scarring
  • Treat chronic joint and muscle pain

It is the process of sending shockwaves into the body and causing microtears along connective tissue while breaking down fatty deposits that have accumulated in the body. When the minor injury occurs the body releases collagen to the area as a means of healing. This allows for the tissue to be repaired in a more thick, strong manner meaning future injuries will be less and the connective tissue will be stronger than it originally was.

The acoustic pressure of these shockwaves affects cellulose deposits in an intriguing manner as well. By covering the area in an antiseptic gel and moved in a pattern about the area, causing the deposits to loosen and begin to break apart.

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